Currently, Eclipse 3.1[5] with the AJDT plug-in[3], the GEF plug-in[7] on top of java 1.5[8] are being used as development platform for the AGV simulation. All these tools must be installed before continuing with this installation guide. Information on how to installing these tools can be found on there respective web sites. All projects in the CVS repository are eclipse projects, thus the use of Eclipse for development is largely encouraged (and tested).

There are two ways in which this simulator can be used. Further on through the instruction for installation and using the simulator we will refer to this uses.

Adapting behavior
Only the behavior of the agents in the simulator is adapted. The simulation is only used to execute this behavior (currently only batch runs are supported).
Extending the simulator
For making extensions to the simulator itself, to the layout editor or to the visualization.


nelis 2005-11-23