CVS projects

A eclipse project containing the AGV-simulation itself. Checkout this project if you want to run batch simulation. This project uses external jars and configurations for specifying behavior. An example behavior can be found in agentwise.agvsimulation.behaviordemo.
The project containing a demo how to specify the behavior for the simulation. This is the project where most extensions will happen.
The eclipse project containing a plug-in for: (1) Editing XML files; (2) Visualizing the simulation. REMARK: unfinished. Editor works well, except for the Outline view and circle segments. Visualization is currently under development.
The eclipse project containing the feature for the agentwise.agvsimulation.ui. Only needed for creating the update site, not for developing the plug-in itself.
The eclipse project containing the update site for the agentwise.agvsimulation.ui.feature. Only needed to create the update site, not for developing the plug-in itself.
The documentation associated with this project. Also contains the latest version of this User Guide.

nelis 2005-11-23