Making your own behavior: Action plan

Figure 3: Screen shot of the build configuration

  1. First make a new project for your specific behavior (please do not use the behaviordemo, it is only made for demo purpose).

    For thesis students: put this project into a CVS repository, both for backup as for version changes reasons.

  2. Add a reference to the logger we are using:
  3. Add the agentwise_agvsimulation.jar to the build path of your project: Project properties$\rightarrow$ Java Build Path$\rightarrow$ Libraries, next Add Jar and add you find under agentwise.agvsimulation (should look like figure 3).
  4. Make a new package with the name: yourname.agvsimulation.agv.behavior
  5. Make a new class in this package with the name AGVBehaviour, extending from AGVBehaviour
  6. Put some behavior in it (maybe copy the random walk behavior)...
  7. Change the parameters of the simulator to refer to this new jarfile, log configuration, ...
        -j ../yourname.agvsimulation/yourname_agvsimulation.jar
        -b agentwise.agvsimulation.behaviordemo.AGVTestBehaviour
        --logconfig ../yourname.agvsimulation/logconfig.xml

nelis 2005-11-23